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face masque

mint & bamboo face masque

What is the secret to radiant skin?

The secret to radiant skin is the exfoliating properties of our formula. It’s a cleansing cream that is used to slough off dead skin cells, pulling the dirt and grime from underneath the pores. It is what polishes and shines the face, and gives the skin it’s glow. Without this micro-exfoliator, dead skin cells that […] Read more…

How to Unlock your Sensual Beauty with the Hawaiian Spa Beauty & Bath Collection

Sensual beauty is a term applied to a woman who exudes sensuality, femininity, and radiance, spiritually, and physically. Her inner light transcends from her soul into her well-being, which is highlighted through glowing skin.    The key to unlocking your sensual beauty is learning how to be in that state of radiance. To experience this, […] Read more…