Sensual Beauty

Pleasure Potion Tea

Awaken Your Sensuality with Pleasure Potion Tea

Awaken your sleepy sensuality with this aphrodisiac tea. Since she is known for pleasuring all of the senses, I call her Pleasure Potion. The loose leaf tea consists of Damiana leaf, which is sourced from the freshest herb garden. There are four significant benefits of Pleasure Potion Tea: It intensifies the libido. Reduces nervousness. This […] Read more…

Radiant Recipe: Salmon Power Bowl

The perfect recipe for the woman who is interested in elevating her femininity. Part of being feminine is having clear, beautiful skin. And the way to clear, beautiful skin is a healthy diet.    As a woman who loves dwell in her moon energy, I am always on the lookout for foods that leave my […] Read more…

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