For the life of the flesh is in the blood. Lev 17:11.

I live by this quote when I make decisions on what to eat and how to live. When I let things get under my skin, I know I am hurting myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So, my question for you is…

What’s been getting under your skin lately?

There is an underlying issue that destroys your beauty that is often overlooked. It is called stress. This toxic energy flows through the bloodstream like a violent untamed river. And because the negative energy needs an outlet, it uses the skin to release itself. It then sabotages your radiant image by causing problem skin.

Stress can be so subtle at times that it’s hardly noticed. It will creep up on you so quietly and destroy the whole body without you realizing it until it’s too late. And when you finally look in the mirror, your once glowing face becomes a duller, paler version of you. Stress affects everything – your confidence and sense of self-worth. This tense feeling causes you to turn to comfort foods, which now becomes another self-love issue we address in the Beauty Blueprint program.

My experience with toxic skin:

There was a point in my life when I became so wound up in my relationship and work that I developed eczema on my face and legs. I remember looking in the mirror and not liking the person I saw. She wasn’t me. She was a haggard me. I had a lifeless looking face because of the stress embedded in my body. And all it took was a little bit of toxic energy to cause a significant problem. One small stressful problem caused a massive reaction to my eczema. Once I removed myself from the situation, my face and legs became clear.

Case Study: Tanya’s persistent acne that just wouldn’t go away.

During my one-on-one programs, I tell my clients to observe their environment and are often surprised by what they find. Let’s look at this case study with Client 1: Tanya*(names have been changed to protect their identity).

Tanya had acne on her face and a condition called Dermatillomania, which means one who picks at their skin. She discovered that her work environment added to the stress, which caused her face to break out, and she would constantly pick at it. Her boss expected a lot from her, often more than she could handle. Since he respected her work and always counted on her to get the job done on time, she did it, no matter the cost.

Tanya and I worked through her problem by coming up with a long-term solution that worked for her. All she needed were a few lifestyle suggestions to move forward to healthier, stress-free living. She created a self-care ritual and saw a significant difference in her skin. The pickings became less, and the acne began to clear.

A Note on Self-Care:

Living a life of self-care should be something that you always do, not just on special occasions. For instance, getting a massage should not be reserved for vacations only! Treat yourself at least once a week! 

How could this help your skin and overall image issue?

Use the case studies and apply them to your situation. Ask yourself, “What’s been getting under my skin lately? What’s been causing this?”

See, all you need to do is unwind. And if you want to relax and feel a little sexy after a stressful day of work, add Pleasure Potion to your self-care routine.

If you are experiencing acneic breakouts, add Nuré Face Masque to your skincare ritual. When used consistently, your skin will be revitalized and glowing!

We can also dig deeper into your issues to find the root cause of your skin challenges. For overall radiant health, schedule a one on one with me today!

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