Many of my successes came from being a parts model, so I know how essential it is to have youthful, beautiful hands. One scrape or scar, and you are out of the game – at least, for a moment. Having soft hands is something that we don’t think of today because we are too busy either with our careers or raising children. Thankfully, we can include this self-care into our lives without overthinking it.

Here are two tips on how to keep your hands youthful and soft:

Tip 1: Always wear gloves when washing dishes. Water ages your hands fast.

Tip 2. Keep a jar of the Hawaiian Sensual Collection’s Sugar Scrub and Hydra-Silk Body Lotion by your kitchen and bathroom sink, so when you are finishing washing your hands, you can moisturize.

Remember, You can always tell a woman’s age by her hands, which is why it is vital to keep them hydrated. 

If you want soft, delicate hands, purchase the Luxurious Pampering Set below.

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