How to Highlight Your Sensual Presence Zephorah Nuré

Inspired by the legendary biblical story of a maiden named Esther, who began as a lowly part of King Xerxes harem, she later moved on to become a powerful ruler beside him. A year before meeting the king for the first time, she was pampered in perfumes, oils, and beauty creams daily. This beauty ritual was to prepare her to have the perfect scent and supple skin. When it was time to meet the king, finally, she arrived in her elegant garment, dressed like the royal she was to become. She knew she was playing a dangerous liaison with the king because of her mysterious background. When King Xerxes saw her, he was so captivated by this vision of beauty, she became his queen, and he offered her half his kingdom and power. Even when she admitted who she was, he couldn’t deny her.

The moral of the story is her indulgence in self-love, alluring power and specific beauty regimen highlighted her feminine and sensual presence, which intrigued King Xerxes. As a result, he granted her whatever she wanted. As women, we have the power to have what we wish by our divine feminine nature.

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Here are three ways to highlight your sensual presence.

How to Highlight Your Sensual Presence Zephorah Nuré

One: Use only high-quality beauty potions.

As Queen Esther was pampered and prepared for the king, the beauty advisors used nothing but the best high-end skincare product. They stuck with a beauty plan that included aromatherapy for one year before they presented her so that her skin would be blemish-free, well fragranced, and silky smooth. High-quality products have richer ingredients and are more effective at addressing skin issues than cheap store products. They can also assist by making the skin dewy and soft as they are great beauty tools to have. Choose a good well-made product and stick with it for long-term results. See

Two: Have a love affair with life.

Get in touch with your sensual side by enjoying all the succulent pleasures of what life has to offer. Engage in meditation to find the true desires of your heart. Live out loud with this hunger, whether it is traveling, cooking, dancing, or even spending time with the person you love. When you satisfy your cravings, your sensuality is heightened, making all the things that you truly love a way of life.

Three: Become a vision of beauty.

A vision of beauty is a woman who radiates inside and out. Not only does her inner light shine bright, but she’s also a work of art through style and dress. She can’t help but mesmerize those around her. When Queen Esther was eventually presented to the king, she was elegantly attired. And it wasn’t just because she was dressed to the gods, she had a certain glow that emanated from her spirit. One look at her and the search for the new queen was over. Tap into the core of your femininity, relish in it, and revive the radiance.

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