The Power of Turquoise

 Turquoise is an opaque bluish-green gem that is highly valued and like all other gemstones, it possesses spiritual and healing powers. Metaphysically, it aids in curing diseases, stress, and depression. Kings and queens of ancient Egypt wore this fascinating piece of rock for medicinal and fashionable reasons.Communication  Communication Turquoise is beneficial for people who love to talk or have a career in communications. This gem helps in balancing the 5th chakra which is located in the throat. It can assist in building confidence in self and public speaking. Someone wearing this stone can possess clarity, creativity, positivity, clear intuition and happiness. Physical Healing This gemstone is a great healing source. It heals the ailments of the skeletal system, waste, respiratory and immune system. It’s known to be a great detoxifier; it draws out poisons, pollution and radiation.   Ileana of Maleku Jewelry educated me on the different gemstones and their powers. One day she gave me a choice on which piece of jewelry to choose that she would make for me. I chose a amber and blue topaz piece because I just adore those two colors together. In a spiritual sense, I felt that the turquoise piece that I’m wearing in this photo was more right for me. I never mentioned this to her because I thought it was too late to change my mind. When I saw her again, she had the turquoise piece made and named after me. I felt so honored:-) She chose this gem because her spirit told to her that it was more for me. She also told me that we don’t choose the gemstones, the gemstones choose us. Wow…. powerful. It’s amazing how we wear gemstones for fashionable reasons, but we don’t understand the deeper meaning of them and how they benefit us. Who knew such a beautiful little stone could hold so much weight and value? Of course anything with this much beauty will often be imitated. When purchasing any gemstone, buy from a reputable company. This photograph was taken of me wearing “Zephorah” a turquoise piece of Maleku Jewelry. It was featured in the spring 2010 issue of

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