My Story

seventeenmagazinecroppedIt all started after appearing in Seventeen Magazine. This was my first job ever! Before that opportunity came along, I was a skinny teenage girl who was so ashamed of her legs and always had them covered. I spent my hot summers in Ohio wearing baggy jeans and big T-shirts. I was teased mercilessly for being sooo skinny! All that changed when the opportunity for Seventeen Magazine came around. They put me in a short skirt and loved my legs which made my confidence soar! I didn’t start wearing shorts or skirts until I was 21! Then I became a leg and foot model and my feet graced the cover of Jimmy Choo coffee table book! I’ve also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, British Vogue, and other magazines.

My beauty and wellness biz focuses on beauty and skincare, and it also promotes being confident in yourself. Whatever part of your body that you’re ashamed of, learn to work with it to bring about confidence. Find other features to enhance. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!