An Enchantress Is…


… A woman of true beauty, confidence and magnetism. She has irresistible charm and possesses a great deal of inner beauty, which flows outward. She is a wise woman who lives a healthy lifestyle and has an appreciation for nature. An intuitive woman who taps into the higher part of herself mentally, physically and spiritually. The enchantress understands the divine power of feminine energy.

The word “Enchantress” comes from the ancient masculine word “enchant”. In the middle ages, she would use alchemy (magic) to change or transform something in a mysterious or impressive way.

Zephorah Nuré teaches women how to use the proper skincare, healthy foods and beauty tools to transform themselves from having dull skin to becoming an illuminating goddess. She understands that having beautiful skin boosts confidence and confidence boosts success. She has applied the principle of eating healthy to her own life and it has bought her success to her modeling career! Zephorah has been featured in Jimmy Choo ad campaigns, Saks 5th Avenue, Dr. Scholls ad, W Magazine, Essence Magazine and much more. Having a strong desire teach women the beauty and lifestyle basics that will take them far, Zephorah offers individual mentoring and image consultation.


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