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I am here to consult you on how to become an enchantress in your own life by losing weight, having clear, beautiful skin and living a healthy lifestyle! Because your skin is clearer, you will have more confidence, which means more money and success for you. As a business and career woman with beautiful skin, people will take you more seriously. In this world, image truly means everything.


Beauty & Skincare

You will create your own unique beauty blueprint, learn the beauty foods that will help you uncover your glow and develop a sacred beauty routine.

Physique & Weight loss

Enjoy a healthy sexy body by eating goddess foods for radiant health! You will have a customizable eating plan for the unique you that will help you lose the unwanted fat!

Self-Love, Sex & Sensuality

Learn how to cultivating your inner fire and live a sensuous lifestyle! Unleash the inner enchantress and have your way with life!

Inner Goddess Awakening

Go from Plain Jane to Gorgeous Goddess and walk into any room and command attention! Learn how to be in tune with the divine feminine and summon your powerful magic! You have the option of an astrology reading. Please click here for more details.

Holistic Fashion & Style

Discover your unique style! Learn your sacred colors and what they mean and evoke.

Each program is 30 days which includes 4 sessions, 30 minutes each.

Valued at $397! Only $197 for the first 5 enchantresses!

Schedule your complementary beauty blueprint session with me today!

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