One thing I love doing is helping women improve their lives. When working with clients, some of the key elements that I pay attention to are health, beauty, fashion and goddess consciousness. These are places where self-esteem and confidence can surely blossom like a flower and I’ve seen it done with myself and my clients.

Since this whole topic of beauty and wellness and how they work together has been an ongoing passion of mine, I figured out that these elements are all important and part of the big picture of what makes a woman look and feel beautiful. What I’ve come up with is that every woman has a unique beauty blueprint.

This past #sexysummer, I created a project called Beauty Blueprint: 5 Components and invited several women to join. I am proud to say that this was a success for them! One client’s acne cleared, which gave her more confidence in her career! And another client awakened her inner goddess by getting the right kind of attention she wanted! Read their stories here.

You will be hearing more empowering stories on these women so stay tuned! Meanwhile, learn how you can create your own beauty blueprint by clicking the pie chart below.